Namen und das DNS

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In dieser Folge geht es um Namen im Internet, d.h., um das Domain Name System (DNS) und den doch recht besorgniserregenden Zustand, im dem sich das DNS heute befindet.


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DNS-Grundlagen und Fakten

  1. DNS RFCs
  2. Clearingstelle Urheberrecht im Internet
  3. Die Rückkehr der Netzsperren
  4. How Many Domains Are There? – Domain Name Stats for 2021
  5. Verisign: The Domain Name Industry Brief
  6. Wikipedia: List of Internet top-level domains
  7. Cloudflare: How Cloudflare analyzes 1M DNS queries per second

Use Case: Trademarks

  1. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO): Frequently Asked Questions: Internet Domain Names
  2. ICANN Archives: Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

Use Case: Trust/Security

  1. Cloudflare: What is TLS (Transport Layer Security)?
  2. Cloudflare: What is an SSL certificate? How to get a free SSL certificate
  3. Cloudflare: What is SNI? How TLS server name indication works
  4. Shane Greenstein: How the Internet Became Commercial – Innovation, Privatization, and the Birth of New Network
  5. CA/Browser (CAB) Forum
  6. Dan York: The DANE Protocol – DNS-Based Authentication of Named Entities

Use Case: Service Discovery

  1. RFC 6763: DNS-Based Service Disovery

Use Case: Traffic Steering

  1. Akamai: Global Traffic Management
  2. Akamai: Geolocation and DNS Traffic Management
  3. Wikipedia: DNS Hijacking
  4. RFC 2308: Negative Caching of DNS Queries (DNS NCACHE)

Use Case: Tracking

  1. RFC 6891: Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS(0))
  2. RFC 7871: Client Subnet in DNS Queries

Use Case: Zugangskontrolle

  1. Wikipedia: Zugangserschwerungsgesetz

DNS Privacy

  1. RFC 7858: Specification for DNS over Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  2. RFC 8484: DNS Queries over HTTPS (DoH)
  3. Internet Draft draft-huitema-quic-dnsoquic-07 (Work in Progress)
  4. Pi-hole: Network-wide Ad Blocking
  5. Stubby: DNS Privacy Stub Resolver
  6. Shoshana Zuboff: Das Zeitalter des Überwachungskapitalismus
  7. IETF Adaptive DNS Discovery (add) Arbeitsgruppe
  8. Cloudflare: Improving DNS Privacy with Oblivious DoH in

Fazit und Ausblick

  1. Geoff Houston: DNS Evolution (Vortrag bei RIPE-82)

Video mit DNS Autocompletion

  1. Network Collective Video ab Minute 42